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Hi! My name is Miriam (Mimi) Ojaghi and I have over 15 years of experience applying mindfulness. As a certified teacher with over two decades of experience in the K-20 setting, I have collaborated with teachers and students at every grade level  including five years as a middle school teacher and 12 years as a college instructor. My dissertation research examined the experience of under-represented minority students pursuing STEM degrees to whom I taught mindfulness.  

I completed mindfulness trainings with the Koru Mindfulness Center at Duke University as well as the Learning 2 Breathe program as a component of my doctoral studies at Aurora University. I founded Resilient Mind Consulting to address elements of social justice within the framework of contemplative practice. I am a skillful collaborator and enjoy working with my clients to create a personalized plan for successful implementation of mindfulness based social emotional learning opportunities.



By focusing on the present moment without judgement, mindfulness can help practitioners develop the resilience to fulfill their potential. In addition to proven health benefits including improvements in stress levels, blood pressure, and sleep, learning to be attuned to oneself increases the capacity for openness and agility. These, in turn, can foster creativity & receptivity to divergent thinking and differing perspectives. Finally, the self and social awareness facilitated by mindfulness include the capacity to build compassion and empathy towards oneself and others. Not only does this often translate to improved relationships with others, it can promote connections that ‘resonate’ by provide insight into the hearts and minds of others, thereby allowing for diverse constituents to collaborate more effectively. 



  I provide a comprehensive consultation to help identify gaps and opportunities followed by  a variety of options that may include but are not limited to: Guest speaking/informational presentations on mindfulness, diversity, and education; Koru Mindfulness, Learning 2 Breathe, or customized courses (ranging in length from half day to several weeks) for the business, educational, or personal setting, as well as personalized retreats and workshops. 


"I really liked a lot of the research, especially information about how teacher stress affects students.  I also enjoyed the examples.”

"Your class has taught me that thoughts are just thoughts. I am constantly thinking and stressing over something. Now, I am able to remind myself day-to-day that thoughts are not reality."

 “It’s so super helpful.  It forces us to think slower, breath slower, and to learn to 'recenter' ourselves and the children.”

"It gave me that little bit of extra patience for dealing with students at the end of the day that I would not have had otherwise." 

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